Vocal Warmups

Over the years, I have acquired quite a few exercises that I like to use to exercise the voice.  I have compiled them in a single resource on this website.  The first link is a pdf that you can download and print.  The rest of the links are Mp3 files that you can download for your Mp3 player or burn to CD.  Many of these exercises came from my college experience at UW-Eau Claire with Dr. Schwartzhoff, but I have also collected a few others along the way.  It probably goes without saying that these exercises are not meant to be performed every single day.  I would suggest that you choose, perhaps 5 per day, beginning with the easier ones and working toward the more difficult ones.  Vocal exercises allow you to focus on your technique, such as breath support, vowel formation, diction, and other mechanics.  Most of all, I hope you really take the time to enjoy your singing.  It is all about the process–not the end result, because very few of us will ever be able to convince ourselves that we have “arrived.”

If you are a singer who is looking to improve your note reading skills, you may like to use a software tool that I found to be very effective with students.  It is called “Music Ace” by Harmonic Vision.  Feel free to click on the link that will take you to Amazon to purchase.  I did not author Music Ace, and I have nothing to do with the company, but I have used it a lot in my teaching and I have always been very impressed with the results in my students.

Click <HERE> to download the Vocal Exercise PDF file

Exercise #1      Exercise #2      Exercise #3      Exercise #4 Exercise #5      Exercise #6      Exercise #7      Exercise #8 Exercise #9      Exercises #10 & 13      Exercise #11 Exercise #12     Exercise #14     Exercise #15     Exercise #16 Exercise #17     Exercise #18     Exercise #19     Exercise #20 Exercise #21     Exercise #22     Exercise #23