Paul Dankers

I am here to use the knowledge, wisdom, and skills that I have been nurturing in myself for the growth and healing of people on their Mental / Emotional / Spiritual journeys by working one-on-one as well as group work through the creating and building of community. I believe that this life is precious in the extreme. The chances of you sitting there reading what I have written are so minuscule that I can only respond with awe and amazement. If you are not living a life that is rich with love, connection, joy, meaning, and curiosity, then let’s do something together about that. It may be that we get endless go-arounds, but in the chance that this is our one shot, let’s do all we can to make the most of it, shall we?

Please feel free to contact me to begin the conversation that will lead to you leading the life that you want to live. My intention is to offer help regardless of your ability to pay. If you feel stuck for whatever reason, I’m here. If my help is meaningful, I’ll be grateful for whatever you can offer in return, if anything, but my hope is that nobody will be reluctant to reach out simply for lack of the resources that you think it would take to receive help. Here are some examples that might be of service to you:
*Envisioning and manifesting the life that you would like to be living
*Getting acquainted with and managing the parts of your personality to become Self led
*Identifying ways that you could improve your physical health through science-based methods
*Using music to express yourself artistically through practice, composition, and performance
*Preparation, guiding, and integrating a psychedelic journey for specific outcomes
*Navigation and implementation of personal, home automation, and professional devices